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Whether you want to acknowledge it or not your teen or preteen child may be sexually active. As a concerned parent or educator it is your job to educate your children on teenage sex and dating. Although sex education is taught in schools there are endless debates on whether to focus on safe sex or abstinence. Helping our kids become smarter and safer at home is vital their future happiness.

The physical and emotional changes that teens and preteens experience during puberty can be challenging to both the child and parent. Once a child enters puberty they should be educated on sex. Educating your child on sex and dating is more than just the "birds and the bees talk". It is a sensitive subject that many parents feel uncomfortable doing.

Although some teens may feel that they are mature enough to engage in a sexual relationship, many lack the emotional maturity. There is a lot of information you need to teach your potentially sexually active child about sex. Your child will need to know about dating and the ramifications of having sex. They need to know about abstinence and safe sex. They need to understand the importance of using male and female condoms as birth control to prevent pregnancy, AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. They need to know how the laws of "age of consent" affect them as a teen. They should know what to do if they become pregnant and about abortion and pro-life choices. Information and good communication can make the difference in your teen's health and safety.

Some of our educational books and videos address the fundamentals of teen sex education while others deal with more advanced sex education problems and offer solutions. Our Teen Sex Education Resources Store has lots of books and videos here to help ease your child's transition to Adulthood.

browse FULL LISTING of sex education books and videos from the menu on the left.

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