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Product ID: DRG-047
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In this graphically illustrated program, you'll see the truth about alcohol, how it affects your body and how it affects your ability to drive.  It clarifies the myths about drinking and driving, while showing dramatic footage of interviews with the victims of drunk drivers.  This video includes a sobriety test administered by the State of Indiana Toxicology Department showing how drinking, even when below the legal limits of abuse, can affect your reaction times and your ability to operate a car.  You will see and hear the touching, tragic story of Sarah Towery and her boyfriend Chip Smith.  Sarah's parents describe the events leading up to the death of Sarah and Chip, who were killed by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol level was tested at .27, or almost three times the legal limit in Indiana.  To make matters worse, the Towery's witnessed the head on crash that took the lives of these young people.  The video also includes an interview with June Denman, who is under house arrest after receiving her third DUI conviction.  Ms. Denman describes how her past mistakes have changed her life and the lives of her family.  State and law enforcement officials comment about the cycle of abuse, more stringent laws, and the repeated slaughter they face on an almost daily basis.

Runtime:  30 mins

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