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Product ID: DRG-013
Price:   $59.95

Marijuana is not the safe drug that many believe it is.  Each joint is as harmful as five tobacco cigarettes, and every time a joint is smoked, the lungs absorb more than 2,000 chemicals.  Additionally, this drug has detrimental effects on memory and learning.  Habitual use of marijuana leads to the likelihood that the pot smoker will be attracted to harder drugs.  In this video, you will learn how to steer away from a path that may lead to heartache and ruin.

Learning objectives for this DVD are:

  • Learn about the many harmful effects of marijuana
  • Learn how the frequent use of marijuana can eventually lead to the use of more dangerous drugs
  • Exploring the effects of abusing depressants such as Xanax and Topamax
  • Learn where to seek help for drug abuse

Runtime:  18 mins

Front and Back Covers

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