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Product ID: DRG-010
Price:   $89.95

Although there are many drugs that teens can be exposed to everyday, none are as readily available and concealable as painkillers.  These are one of the most sought after drugs by today's youth.  From ibuprofen to oxycodone, Painkillers can be as dangerous and addictive as heroin.   In this video, you will find out about the various types of painkillers ingested by teenagers.  Also, discover the physiological and psychological signs of dependence.  The consequences of addiction will be discussed along with ways to get help if you or someone you know is addicted.

Learning objectives for this DVD are:

  • Discover how dependence on painkillers occurs and the difference between physiological and psychological dependence will be examined
  • Learn about the negative consequences of painkiller abuse
  • Learn how to get help for addictions to prescription medication
  • Painkillers and painkiller abuse will be defined and students will learn the difference between medical abuse and recreational abuse
  • Find out solutions for those who might have a problem with painkillers and positive alternatives to painkiller abuse will be suggested
  • The most commonly abused prescription painkillers will be discussed

Runtime:  27 mins

Front and Back Covers

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