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Young teens throughout this country are trying drugs and many of them will become addicted; Some will die from drug use. This is occurring in big cities, small towns, and in many schools. This is the first book written entirely on the issues of adolescent drug use and alcohol, and it focuses on the immediate dangers that threaten these teens. It investigates the various effects, from short to the long term, of their addiction and gives parents valuable, advice to fight this growing problem. This all-inclusive book provides the necessary knowledge, which is the most important tool to beat drug addiction. It contains many honest, true stories coming from adolescent teen drug users, along with current facts based on scientific research, and will give you precisely what you need to deal with your child's problem. It covers many important topics such as: the reasons kids get hooked, common misunderstandings about drug addiction, essential differences between adult and adolescent dependency, various stages of adolescent addiction, the different types of drugs kids use and combine, the different treatment options and choosing the best treatment for your child, and finally, the correct approach for dealing with relapses.

Author:  Katherine Ketcham and Nicholas Pace, M.D.
Pages:  432

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