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Product ID: DRG-025
Price:   $39.95

Although there are positive aspects to caffeine consumption, including bursts of energy and brief periods of increased mental and physical performance, caffeine can have some very negative, serious side effects.   Caffeine is a drug that can cause some mild symptoms like irritability, or cause nervous energy.  However, some may become addicted, needing ever greater amounts of caffeine and have more serious side effects including insomnia, mood swings, high blood pressure, dehydration, or even bone damage.  In this video, you'll see why you should limit your consumption of caffeinated products.

Learning objectives for this DVD are:

  • Learn what caffeine is and they'll discover in what kinds of products it is found
  • Understand that caffeine can harm the human body.  Consequences to health will be discussed
  • Learn how they can cut back on caffeine consumption

Runtime:  16 mins

Front and Back Covers

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