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The Educational Resources Store contains educational books and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up. The books and videos featured on this site cover a wide range of topics. You will find topics ranging from infant education to dealing with teens with different and sometimes difficult situations. The books and DVDs contain information at all levels, including books, DVDs, games and posters geared to the children, teens, parents, and teachers.

Product ID: BUL-040
Price: $7.99 $7.20

Bobby Kent was a steroid-pumped, 20-year-old bully who liked to dominate his peers in their comfortable, middle-class Ft. Lauderdale beach community through psychological, physical and sexual abuse. One summer night in 1993, Bobby was lured to the edge of the Florida everglades with a promise of sex and drugs, but was never seen alive again.  The tormentor had become the victim in a bizarre and brutal act of vengeance carried out with ruthless, cold-blooded efficiency by seven of his high school acquaintances, including his lifelong best friend, and instigated by one overweight, under-loved teenager who believed her life would be perfect if Bobby Kent was dead.  This book is a riveting story of adolescent rage and bloody revenge, and all the more harrowing and horrific because it's true.

Pages:  304

Product ID: VIO-008
Price:  $39.95

Between 20 and 55 students have died each year since 1992 as a result of school shootings.  What causes students to commit these acts of violence, and how can they be prevented?  In this video, students will learn how to make a difference before a tragedy occurs at their school.

Runtime:  12 mins

Product ID: VIO-013
Price: $64.95  $58.95

Saying "NO" to gangs is one thing, but it's much different to be a young person facing the very real pressure to join.  In this video, you'll find out why gangs are so seductive, and look at common methods that gangs use to attract new members.  See what happens when a young person joins a dangerous gang, and find out how tough it is to get out once you're in.  The program also offers tips and suggestions for finding other sources of peer companionship and support outside of gangs.  This video is a must-have for any school whose gang problem is just starting, or growing.  Ideal for grades 7 to 12 - Study Guide included.

Runtime:  20 mins

Product ID: RAP-003
Price: $79.95   $74.95  

This video was adapted from an original play written by Daniel S. Kehde by Jaguar Educational and Producer/Director Greg Harpold.  Kehde and Harpold.  They have previously collaborated on award-winning educational dramas depicting teenage experiences with AIDS, date rape, disabilities, and hate crimes.  The program tells the story of a teen relationship that seems like love, but is eventually taken over by possessiveness, jealousy, and anger, and begins to take precedence over daily events such as school, homework, soccer practice, parties, and other friendships.  Throughout the program, viewers are introduced to the warning signs of an abusive relationship.  The age of the actors makes the program ideal for secondary school students, but it can also be used for a younger or a more general audience.  The story is reinforced by interview segments with domestic violence counselors who make connections between events in the drama and the patterns of abuse evident in real-life situations.  The video helps young people recognize the characteristics of a dangerous relationship, and makes the point that it is NEVER too late to get help.

Runtime: 43 mins

Product ID: VIO-006
Price:  $79.95

On many of the inner city streets, in the suburbs, and on school campuses across America, teenage aggression has become an increasingly common occurrence.  We often wonder what could cause seemingly normal teenagers to act out in such a violent way.  With this video, you'll learn how making a positive connection with others that can keep young people from resorting to violence.

Runtime:  23 mins

Product ID: VIO-002
Price: $99.95

Your favorite team is losing the biggest game of the year, or a car cuts you off, or for some other reason you get angry and just want to scream!!!  Rage takes over and you've lost all control.  Find out what rage is and what situations can elicit this extreme response.  Also, find out what to do to stop rage before it starts.

Runtime:  27 mins

Product ID: DRG-030
Price: $79.95

Many of us know that teenagers and rebellion go together.   Unfortunately, some teen rebellions become violent and dangerous.   In this video, you'll see why some teens turn to drugs, sex and crime as a way of rebelling against their peers, parents, religion and society.  Also, you'll find out about constructive ways teens can declare their independence without causing harm to themselves or others.

Runtime:  26 mins

Product ID: VIO-005
Price:  $49.95

The United States has been plagued with many acts of teen violence that have resulted in tragedy.  We often wonder what could cause seemingly normal teenagers to act out in violence and vandalism.  Some people believe that feelings of isolation and alienation have fueled these acts.  By watching this video, you'll have the opportunity to face issues dealing with social alienation, and stop the violence.

Runtime:  22 mins

Product ID: VIO-012
Price: $64.95  $58.45

An enormous number of children in America live in homes where guns are easily accessible.  According to recent survey data, roughly 43% of American households with kids have guns in them, and more than 1.2 million elementary school students alone have access to firearms in their homes.  In all households with guns, 28% of them do not always keep their gun(s) in a secure, locked location where they cannot be accessed by children.  Only 25% of gun-owners with children in the house "occasionally" lock and store bullets in a separate location from the gun.  Many Americans have become desensitized to school violence, and the problem of guns in school persists.  Regrettably, schools continue to be a very dangerous place for kids in America.

Runtime:  18 mins

Product ID: BUL-096
Price:  $44.95

That's Enough is a fictional drama about the relationship between youth bullying and school shootings. It examines what can happen when a high school student is mercilessly teased, socially excluded, and physically wounded. It challenges middle and high school students to explore bullying at their schools and the cliques, struggles, and ostracizing that may result, and in some cases, has resulted shootings and youth suicides. This video is directed by Jack Revheim, a seventeen-year old Central High School (St. Paul, MN) exchange student from Norway. The screenplay is co-authored by Jack Revheim and Dr. Michael Obsatz, Associate Professor of Sociology, Macalester College, (St. Paul, MN), author of the award-winning book, Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World, and violence prevention educator. Dr. Obsatz is also the executive producer.

Runtime:  20 mins

Product ID: VIO-003
Price: $59.95

Everyone experiences feelings of anger from time to time;  It's only human.  However, anger is a explosive emotion, and if it's not controlled, can often result in an act of violence.  By learning how to deal directly with our anger and knowing how to channel it in positive ways can help us to make the best of a bad situation.

Runtime:  19 mins

Product ID: VIO-007
Price:  $39.95

It has been reported that as many as 160,000 guns are carried into classrooms by teens on any given day.  At least fifteen youths die each day in the U.S. alone from gunshot wounds.  In this hard-hitting video, we examine this waste of lives and their dreams of these teens.

Pages:  50 mins

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