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Many individuals relate youth or teen violence to school shootings but teen violence includes many other activities including fighting, vandalism, crime, and gang violence. Unfortunately, the victims of teen violence are usually other youths. These individuals harm the victims and their families, themselves, their parents and society as a whole.

Violent behavior usually starts among children and adolescents. Youth violence needs to be carefully understood by parents, teachers, and other adults. Children as young as preschoolers can be violent while many parents mistakenly dismiss this behavior as a growing phase. Child violence can include behaviors such as physical aggression, explosive temper tantrums, fighting, bullying, homicidal thoughts, fire setting, vandalism, cruelty toward animals, and use of weapons. successfully.

As children grow up to become teens, youth violence can become more serious and dangerous. Some factors that attribute to teen violence are previous aggression or violent behavior, being a victim of physical or sexual abuse, exposure to violence in their environment and the media, genetic factors, use of drugs and alcohol, and access to weapons.. Gang violence among teens and teenagers exposed to violent environments are a serious concern. Teenagers who are in this situation are subject to being shot at, stabbed, or beaten to death. Teens that are involved in gangs are likely to commit violence towards other people, possibly even killing them. The longer the teen is in this type of environment, the more violent they may become.

Some of our educational books and videos address the fundamentals of adolescent and teen violence while others deal with more advanced youth violence problems and offer solutions. Our Youth Violence Management Resources Store has lots of books and videos here to help control violence in our children and teens!

browse FULL LISTING of youth violence books and videos from the menu on the left.

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